BYE…BZZZ patches carry citronella oil, an essential oil that comes from lemongrass that has proven to be an effective insect and mosquito repellant. Because it is plant-based and natural, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers it a nontoxic repellant.

The BYE…BZZZ patch emits the citronella scent as effectively as any spray or lotion. It won’t stain, sting, or leave a strong chemical odor.

These patches are infused with citronella oil, a natural essential oil that comes from lemongrass (Cymbopogon genus).

Citronella has been used for years in sprays, candles, sunblock lotion, gels, towelettes, and pet flea collars used to keep biting insects away. Its pleasant aroma has also been added to soaps, perfumes, and cosmetics.

No. The patches release a lemongrass scent without being absorbed into skin or staining clothes. It’s the safest way to repel mosquitoes and other insects that can cause a range of medical problems from allergic reactions to serious diseases like Zika virus and dengue fever.

Yes. Citronella oil has been used extensively as an insect repellant since 1948 without adverse effects. It’s also used in lotions, cosmetics, soaps, and perfumes.

The patches become fully activated about 10 minutes after the package is opened. We recommend putting them on 10 minutes before you leave home.

Each patch will protect you for about 48 hours. After that, it will begin weakening and should be replaced with a fresh patch.

Each patch creates a protective area about three feet in diameter. We suggest placing one on the bottom of a pants leg or on a shoe, and a second one near the neck area. If you’re in an environment with a high concentration of insects, we suggest a third patch on the midsection, just over your belt or waist.

Each box of BYE…BZZZ has 12 patches in a sealable plastic bag to keep the product fresh. Make sure you reseal the package and bag after you open it.

The shelf life for BYE…BZZZ is about six months when stored in its sealed bag and container.


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