For most people, mosquito bites are an annoying part of summer. Then West Nile and Zika changed everything.

We urge everyone to protect themselves from bites. We are proud of our product BYE BZZZ, which doesn’t come in contact with skin but has an active repellent in patches that stick on shoes and clothing to keep away biting insects for up to 12 hours.

Still, it’s important to talk about first aid for mosquito bites. With the dangerous viruses mosquitoes carry, scratching a bite too much can make a wound that oozes and bleeds. We do know that Zika is carried in body fluids.

Resist Scratching That Mosquito Bite!

Treating mosquito bites in the age of Zika.

Treat–and don’t scratch–mosquito bites.

It’s something we do–scratch an itch without thinking about it. It’s almost an impulse.

But try to remember to look at what’s itching you before you scratch. Did a fly land on you? Did the dog or cat silently glide against your bare leg? Did you forget to shave? Train yourself to think first and be very aware of any itching going on with your kids.

Even without the issue of viruses carried by mosquitoes, their bites can cause a lot of problems. Scratching any insect bite can break the skin and cause a secondary infection from bacteria getting inside the wound.

Impetigo is one of the more common secondary infections that can come from scratching a mosquito bite. When it sets in, it can cause a rash (and more itching), weeping sores, blisters, and skin lesions. Impetigo is also very contagious and can be transmitted through skin contact and even through contact with shared items like towels and bed sheets.

Cheap First Aid for Mosquito Bites

The best thing to do if you do get a mosquito bite is to treat it as soon as possible, before it starts itching nonstop. There are a lot of inexpensive products that work well  on treating bite. Here are some better-known treatments you probably have at home:

  • Anything with alcohol, which will also disinfect the bite area
    • Rubbing alcohol
    • Witch hazel, my mother’s favorite remedy
    • Mouthwash
    • Hand sanitizers
  • Creams with zinc, which can also disinfect; diaper rash cream works really well
  • A paste made from crushed Tums mixed with water

The Food and Drug Administration says calamine lotion isn’t effective for itch relief. But it will help dry out an oozing bite.

If you don’t have these products you probably have these:

  • Antiperspirants with aluminum chloride salt stops ooze and itching!
  • Toothpaste with menthol and baking soda (one or both are in most brands) will stop the itching.
  • Soap, which has fat and/or chemicals that soothe irritated skin

Natural First Aid Remedies for Mosquito Bites

An easy natural remedy for insect and mosquito bites is a simple baking soda and water paste. When it dries, it leaves a flaky cover behind to add additional protection that can easily be washed off.

Here are a few other natural remedies that you may have in your kitchen:

  • Honey disinfects, stops the itch, and dries out any oozing
  • Apple cider vinegar stops the itching
  • Banana peel pulp contains oils that stop itching

Ice will soothe the skin and reduce swelling but not necessarily stop the itch.

Preventing Mosquito Bites is the Best First Aid

Of course, preventing mosquitoes from biting in the first place is the best first aid.

This year, it’s not optional to hope that you won’t get bitten. It’s hard to over-stress the importance to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Use repellent before you go out. Remember, mosquitoes are active at all times of the day and the type that carries Zika likes daylight hours best.

One great tool to do so is Bye…Bzzz mosquito repellent patches. Buy one now and be protected!!







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